Frequently Asked Questi̇ons - ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
Frequently Asked Questi̇ons
What advantages does being a member provide?
By becoming a member of our site, you do not have to re-enter your information every time you want to shop and you will be informed of our announcements as a priority.
How can I become a member?
To become a member, click on the "Sign Up" section at the top of the site. Fill in the requested information and save it.
Is membership paid?
If you become a member of, no fee will be charged.
How can I change my membership information?
After logging in, you can make any changes you want, save your new information and update your existing information from the "Account" section at the top.
How can I find the product I am looking for on the site?
Type the name/code/model of the product you want to search in the empty box in the "Product Search" section located at the top middle section of all pages on our site. As you log in, the smart search system in the bottom section will list the records that meet the criteria. You can either click on any product from this list to open that product, or you can click the "search" button to list the product according to the criteria you wrote in the search section. You can also access the products from the categories on the left side of the home page.
What is a shopping cart?
This is the area where you can see the products you want to buy in bulk. You can remove or add items to your shopping cart, or increase or decrease their quantities.
How can I find out the stock information of the products?
Regular stock checks are carried out for the products sold on our site and current stocks are displayed on our site. Orders cannot be taken for products that appear as "out of stock". To get information about current stock, you can contact the site management from the contact section or at
How can I order from your site?
Select the product you want to buy and add it to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. Click the "Buy" button in your cart and proceed to the next step, the delivery and billing information section. Select the cargo company you prefer for delivery. Then select your preferred payment method from your payment options. The payment amount is calculated including VAT and cargo transportation fee. After entering the requested information, review and approve the contract and complete the order. If you will make the payment by credit card; As soon as you confirm the order, the information reaches the network processing mechanism (SSL) through a special passage over the internet, where the banks making the payment or receiving the payment approve or reject this transaction. If your credit card information is valid, your order will be accepted. The cost of the products you purchase reaches us via bank. If the order is completed positively, an e-mail is sent to the customer with information about his order. The purchased product is delivered by a pre-agreed, reliable cargo company and someone chosen by the customer, in return for identification to the person who will receive the order. At the end of these processes, the system will automatically give you an order number and direct you to the order tracking module. The order number is required for payment and order tracking.
How do I know I placed my order correctly?
After completing your order, you will see a text with your order number. The order number means that your order has been created successfully. After your order is completed successfully, information about your order is sent to your member e-mail address.
How can I track the order?
After you log in, you can track your order from the "Orders" section at the top of the site. All stages regarding your order will be reflected in this section. Orders are checked simultaneously during working hours and orders placed until 16:00 are processed. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on Monday; Orders placed on public holidays are processed on the first business day after the holiday.
How can I pay for the order?
Orders can be placed on our site with Bank Transfer/EFT, Credit Card, Mail Order and Cash on Delivery payment options. After selecting the option suitable for your credit card, enter the 16-digit card number, expiration date and 3-digit security number on the back of your card. 3D Secure (Confirm with password): If payment is made by credit card, you will be directed to the secure payment page of the relevant bank in accordance with the security procedure. The information entered in this section is between the bank and the card holder and allows you to make secure transactions. If your card has not been 3D defined before, you will be registered on the bank screen in your first transaction and your card will be ready for 3D processing. If you complete your transaction with “confirm with password 3D”, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone in your bank records. If your information in the bank database is not up to date, you can continue your transaction securely on our website by leaving the bank screen. If the transaction is not completed due to any problem during the process of making a transaction with a credit card, the customer and the site management are informed. Payment by Money Order/EFT: Payment by Money Order/EFT is accepted only through bank transactions. During the payment phase of your order, select the bank you want to pay from the money transfer/EFT option. You can make your payment via wire transfer/EFT to the bank of your choice. In order to process your payments by money order faster, you must specify your order number in the transfer description section. Also, keep your payment receipt until you receive your order. If there is any problem with your payment, you will be asked for a receipt. You can note the money transfer information at the order stage. For orders placed via money transfer/EFT, the order is processed and sent by cargo after the payment is transferred to the accounts. Orders awaiting payment are kept in the system for a maximum of 3 business days. Orders whose payment is not received within 3 business days after the order is placed are canceled.
How can I cancel my order?
If you want to cancel your order after completing it; You can send your cancellation request to us by phone, e-mail or in the "Contact" section at the bottom right. When submitting your cancellation request, we kindly ask you to specify the reason (such as ordering the wrong product, changing the product or payment type, etc.). After your cancellation request is processed, the cancellation will be made by us. In order for you to cancel your new orders, they must not have been shipped.
Can I make changes to my order?
You can make changes to orders you have just placed or received. To make changes to your new order, you must contact us before the order is shipped and inform us of your new order.
How can I receive my order?
The orders you place on our site are sent to your address via cargo companies or by delivery, depending on the situation.
What should I pay attention to during the delivery phase?
The product you have chosen in your order is checked and packaged by our company. Thanks to the checks carried out, there is no possibility that any product from our company will be shipped damaged. During the delivery phase, before receiving your package from the cargo officer, be sure to check whether there is any damage, deterioration or deformation in the outer package. If there is any problem, write a report to the cargo officer and send the package back. Reporting is a service provided by cargo companies regarding the detection of damaged packages. The product is returned to our company with the report and the necessary checks are made and your order is processed again.
How many days is the delivery time?
Delivery time is 7-10 business days after the products are shipped. These times are general delivery times. Delays that may occur regarding orders delivered to cargo by us are the responsibility of the cargo company you have chosen. Delivery time may vary depending on your location.
How can I get information about the security of your site?
Communication on the order pages of our site is provided using 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security technologies. In this way, the credit card information you enter is encrypted and reaches your bank. On this page, it appears as https://... in the address bar. 256 bit SSL protection is used on our site to ensure the security of your information.