Apron Deluxe Area Scan - ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
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Apron Deluxe Area Scan
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Be One Step Ahead in Field Scanning with Apron Deluxe!
Every mine is at your fingertips with Apron Deluxe!
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Effective solutions for difficult floors with Apron Deluxe!

In addition to the factory adjustable elements such as gold, silver, copper, phosphorus, bronze and iron, there are modes to search for different types of elements. Apron Deluxe, which detects the element you want to search for and starts the scanning process by providing the most accurate frequency, also has the feature of saving the introduced element in its memory.

Apron Deluxe successfully penetrates the soil by sending strong signals thanks to its ability to adjust itself according to the ground depth. In other devices, the lack of signal strength to penetrate high mineral and deep soils or the failure to adjust it causes the land scanner to receive incorrect results. Thanks to Apron Deluxe, you can get the most accurate and clear results in land scanning without wasting time.

Thanks to the Power Kit screen feature, finding mines has become much easier with the Apron Deluxe device. By adjusting the mine frequencies on the easy-to-use screen according to the mine you want to search for, you can prevent the Apron Deluxe device from seeing and recognizing other mines.

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