Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer - ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
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Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer
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Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer, which has become an indispensable tool for metal detecting and treasure hunting enthusiasts today, draws attention with its unique features and effective working principle. In this article, we will examine the features and operating principles of Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer in detail.
AccuPOINT Pointer Metal Detector: Indispensable for Treasure Hunting and Security
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Key Features of AccuPOINT Pointer:

Waterproof: The Dot Pointer has a waterproof construction, making it a great option for underwater scanning. It can work under both freshwater and seawater.

Precise Target Detection: This handheld detector can detect metal targets with extreme precision. Thanks to the sensitivity settings, users can easily find their targets.

Vibrating Alert: In addition to the audio alert, Nokta Pointer offers a vibrating alert feature. This feature is useful in noisy environments or quiet calls.

LED Lighting: LED lighting makes it easier to work in difficult light conditions and allows you to see your target clearly.

Warranty and Support: Nokta Pointer offers a one-year warranty with its confidence in its quality. Additionally, free technical support is also available for users.

Working Principle of AccuPOINT Pointer:
AccuPOINT Pointer uses the electromagnetic field for metal detection. Its working principle is based on the fact that the electromagnetic field changes when a target metal object is detected. When the tip of the detector approaches the metal object, it detects these changes and notifies the user.

This detection principle is one of the main reasons why Dot Pointer offers high precision and reliability. Users can easily detect many different metal objects such as gold, silver, iron.

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