Nokta Mini Hoard Detector - ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
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Nokta Mini Hoard Detector
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The children's gold detector produced by Yeni Nokta Makro Detector is the best children's detector ever produced in the world.
Nokta Mini Hoard Detector
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Nokta Macro Detector - Mini Hoard
Mini Hoard has become the best tool for families with children to spend time at the seaside with its water resistance up to 1 meter. Its body structure and operating system are produced in IP68 standards to prevent damage under search conditions. It is suitable for all age groups with its simple and understandable interface. The lightweight Mini Hoard is a new generation. The children's gold detector offers long hours of use without getting tired and has been released to suit every budget with its incredible price. Midi Hoard Price is offered to users at an unrivaled price of 194 USD. If you want to have different good times with your family, you need to own a mini hoart.

Ideal Age: 4-8 years old
Waterproof up to 1 meter - IP68
Ferrous Content - Non-Ferrous Discrimination
Iron On/Off and Discrimination Button
3-Tone Sound
Pinpoint Button
Good Aim Indicator
Target Indicator Containing Garbage and Iron
Depth Indicator
battery indicator
LED Indicator
Overload Warning Remove Coil!
Automatic Shutdown and Alarm
Child Friendly Screen
Child-Friendly Design
Lightweight and Compact
Armrest for Easy Swing
Retractable Shaft
Very Durable
Automatic Shutdown and Alarm
Long Battery Life


Working Principle: VLF
Operating Frequency: 15kHz
Voice Tones: 2
Pinpoint: Yes
Iron Dissociation: Yes
LED Indicator: Pinpointing and Discrimination (Red and Green)
Depth Display: 3 Levels
Battery Indicator: Yes
Automatic Power Off and Alarm: Yes
Search Coil: 15cm (6")
Display: Custom LCD
Weight: 780 g (1.7 lb)
Length: 63-90cm (25" - 35")
Battery: 2 x AA (not included)
Warranty: 2 years

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