Apron Touch Plus Area Scan - ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
ABC Detector Underground Imagind and Field Scan
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Apron Touch Plus Area Scan
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APRON company's latest product touch plus model is Apron Touch Plus. It is with you with many renewed features.
Apron Touch Plus Area Scan
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APRON company's latest product touch plus model is Apron Touch Plus. It is with you with many renewed features. And as always, it is a device of firsts developed with new technology. With the GND Receiving feature of Apton touch field scanning, we are faced with a feature that has never been used in field scanning before. GND Receiving feature appears as the ground communication feature. Thanks to this feature, you will have an area scan that is in constant contact with the soil. And apron touch plus, which achieves this feature thanks to 2 extra piles, consists of 6 piles in total. In addition, the plus model offers 4 language options like the previous model. Apron company's classic titanium materials also come with the device as always.


*7 Inch Touch Screen
*800x480 SSD1963 Touch PWM AVR PC
*Full screen with 64 million pixels
*Active Area: 154.08 (w) X 85.92 (H)
*Driver Element: A-si TFT active matrix
* “GND” – Automatic ground communication circuit
* TQMLS102xA module processor
* Rectified DC power supply wave
* Gold, silver, copper, bronze, phosphorus, iron, diamond, water, space and free mode programs
* Manual frequency selection in 1 Hz increments in each mode
* Up to 24 Volt peak-to-peak power output
* “DDS” – Mineral stabilizer by Direct Digital Synthesis
* Different wave shapes according to ground type
* “WCC” – Target Weight Controlled signal receiver, poker anti and titanium “L” bars
* Receiver antennas do not suffer from errors due to the PH of human skin.
* Distances can be adjusted within a range of 2000 meters
*Depth 18 meters
*Weight 5.8 kg
*Product Dimension: 530mm x 400mm x 133mm

Apron Touch PLUS Field Scanning has a strong structure that filters magnetic fields and minerals on the ground thanks to the magnetic power kit enhanced up to 25Khz. And for the first time, GND RECEIVING has an area scanning system that communicates with the ground. It was extremely sensitive and useful in detecting targets under the ground. It is a suitable area for searching for gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, phosphorus, diamonds, water, space or other elements. scanning system. Each mode can be customized to find a target alloy.

In other words, apart from the frequencies registered on the Touch Pad screen, the free mode feature provides a 0.01 Hz change between frequencies.
It can be adjusted according to the condition and each person. Thanks to this feature, everyone can easily use Apron Touch.

Apron Touch has enough power for large distances...
24 volt peak-to-peak transmitter allows selectable detection range from 300 meters to 2100+ meters.

The APRON TOUCH PLUS device has a ground communication system that includes an area scan for the first time.

GND RECEIVING means receiving feedback from the frequencies we send and informing the device about the negative effects of the signal from the farthest distance to the closest distance. Thus, the device calibrates itself in the best possible way against all conditions.

If the usage area is very mineralized, it adjusts the output frequencies accordingly, or if the magnetic field is too high, it automatically gives instructions to the Magnetic Power Kit and cleans the entire magnetic field in the first place. Thanks to GND RECEVING, the device communicates with the ground continuously.
It maximizes efficiency in case of emergency and during search.

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